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Former NFL Player Says Taysom Hill Will Become a 'Top 5' Quarterback

Brady Poppinga Says Taysom Hill Will Be a 'Top 5 QB' if Healthy in 2021
Brady Poppinga on Taysom Hill: "Wait till he has a full off-season and scheme to fit him. If he stays healthy he'll be a top five qb." (Full Twitter exchange at bottom of page)

Ex-NFL player Brady Poppinga had some eye-opening tweets on Tuesday while getting into a back-and-forth with Fox Sports Radio host George Wrighster about who the Saints starting quarterback will be in 2021, with the former Super Bowl champion not only saying the Saints starting quarterback spot is Taysom Hill’s job to lose over Jameis Winston, but that Hill would be a ‘top 5’ quarterback if he’s the Saints’ starter and remains healthy.

Wrighster swiftly responded "This is the most outrageous talk ever. My producer will be in touch!", and calling Hill a 'gimmick' player.

Poppinga, who won a Super Bowl with the Packers in 2011, and is a fellow BYU alum like Taysom Hill, says all you have to do is ‘follow the money’ to see that Hill has the edge over Winston to win the starting job in 2021, as Poppinga says Hill’s guaranteed money advantage over Winston – $12.5 million to $5.5 million, proves Hill has already won the job barring injury.

Hill signed a one-year, $12.1 million restructured contract with the Saints on March 14th for the 2021 season, with four fully voidable years added on between 2022-2025 that would technically be worth $35 million per year.

The Saints can void and restructure the $140 million extension at any time they want, including after this season, but the salary finagling did save the Saints over $7 million in cap, which eventually led to the team signing Winston to a one-year deal, with $5.5 million guaranteed.

Hill, who will be 31 in Week 1, went 3-1 as Saints starter while Drew Brees recovered from serious rib injuries, throwing four touchdowns and two interceptions against the Eagles, Broncos, and Falcons twice, and added four touchdowns on the ground.

Despite the 3-1 record, Hill was sacked 13 times in just four starts, behind a Saints offensive line that had only let Brees get sacked 13 times as well, but in 12 starts.

Two of those victories were over a Falcons defense who ranked 29th in the league in yards allowed, and against the Broncos, Hill went 9 of 16 for 78 yards, with three sacks, an interception, a fumble, and a 29.1 QBR score, but was helped by the fact Broncos emergency quarterback Kendall Hinton completed just one pass the entire game for an offense that punted 7 times.

Hill ranked just 23rd in the league QBR, and was second in the league in fumbles despite the limited action at quarterback.

In New Orleans’ 21-9 Wild Card victory over the Bears, Hill lost a fumble too after taking a sack.

Before the 2020 season, Hill had attempted just 13 passes in three seasons.

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