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Questions that Still Need Answers in Deshaun Watson's Sexual Assault Case

Questions that Need to Be Answered in Deshaun Watson's Sexual Assault Case
Jason Smith: “Why hasn’t this gone to the Houston PD and the district attorney yet? If you have the evidence then why hasn’t it gone there yet? These are all civil cases accusing someone of gross sexual misconduct with 19 people. It was supposed to be ‘soon’ but why don’t we have it yet? Why? You should have enough by now to start the process. You would think at this point it would be in their hands because you have 19 women now accusing Deshaun Watson of this. Why are we still waiting with all this going on we’re getting reports of settlements? That’s kind of weird to me… The other side for me is why did he go to all these women for massages? He said he needed to find different masseuses because his regular masseuse wasn’t doing anything during COVID. There has been no denial of ‘I don’t know any of these people.’ You go to THAT many? That’s the weird part that I want to know why you’re going to so many women for massages. If you have one masseuse that you like and someone can’t do it, eventually you find somebody else that does a pretty good job and you stick with that person… These are the most important questions that need to be asked and answered." (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith and Mike Harmon discuss the developing news around the Deshaun Watson sexual assault saga, and detail some of the most pressing questions about the case that still haven’t been fully addressed.

Check out the audio above as Smith and Harmon talk about Monday’s late developments with a story that is quickly turning into one of the biggest in league history.

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