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Colin Cowherd: It's Finally Time for the 49ers to Dump Jimmy Garoppolo

Colin Cowherd: It's Time For Jimmy Garoppolo to Move on From the 49ers
Colin Cowherd: “Jimmy Garoppolo has a ‘third-strike’ problem. One, his judgment has been at best marginal. Two, his coach has often lost confidence in him. Three, dude is brittle. It’s time to move on… It’s all about the ‘third strike’. We’ve all had a job with a long commute and a strange boss, but you kind of stay with it if the pay is okay, or you feel like you can grow in the company. But if it’s a long commute, strange boss, AND the pay is lousy you’re looking for new jobs. I look at Garoppolo and think he’s moved into that third strike territory. You have to move on if your San Francisco.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks it’s finally time for the San Francisco 49ers to part ways with Jimmy Garoppolo, as Colin believes the team’s blockbuster move last week to acquire the number three pick – almost certainly a move to draft a quarterback – is the final straw for a player who was already on shaky ground with the organization.

Check out the audio above as Colin details why both the 49ers and Jimmy G. himself no longer have any use for one another.

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