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Clay Travis Rips Max Kellerman For 'Lies' About Black Quarterbacks & Racism

Clay Travis: “Yesterday, Max Kellerman let everybody know that he’s ‘concerned’ that White guys could be the first three picks in the NFL Draft, and at ESPN they wanted you to know that the NFL is super racist against Black quarterbacks. In fact, they published an article as one of the headlines on social media: ‘When it comes to Black quarterbacks in particular, the NFL has long gone out of its way to keep the position as White as the painted yard lines on the field.' Why do they do this? Why do they race bait? The article argues that Justin Fields is not going to be drafted high enough because he's Black. This argument is completely and totally a race-baiting lie. We have had five Black quarterbacks go number one overall – Mike Vick, JaMarcus Russell, Kyler Murray, Cam Newton, and Jameis Winston… Winston went number one overall even though he had an alleged rape hanging over his head at the time of the Draft, and he had been arrested for stealing crab legs in a stupid knucklehead move that made him a laughing-stock of much of the college football universe, and yet NFL teams were convinced that he was such a talented quarterback that they didn’t even care about those red flags in his past… The NFL has been straightforward and transparent; they only care about whether or not you can help them win games. The only color they care about is green. The four highest-paid quarterbacks in the history of the NFL are now Black – Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, and Dak Prescot… I’m not going to argue with you that historically there haven’t been issues with Black quarterbacks in the NFL, but they haven’t existed for over a generation now. The NFL is a capitalistic meritocracy where the best players make the most money and it doesn’t matter what color you are… The usual woke and race-baiting crew is setting itself up to be able to argue that if Justin Fields doesn’t get drafted highly enough that it’s because of racism… There is no racism that is being used against Black quarterbacks at this day in age. It is a tired, lazy, old argument, and everybody who makes it should be ridiculed. What they’re trying to do when they make that argument is to divide all of us as sports fans. Sports is the last great meritocracy in America where we all treated equally between the lines… The NFL isn’t perfect, but it has created more Black millionaires than any business in the history of the world. Think about the woke idiots who continue to rip the NFL to the high heavens." (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis blast Max Kellerman and ESPN for running with a narrative this week surrounding the ‘racism’ Justin Fields is facing during this draft process, as Clay says only ‘race-baiting woke idiots’ are lazily trying to keep this outdated storyline going.

Check out the segment above as Clay details why the NFL is the ‘last great meritocracy in America’, and a league that doesn’t see any color besides green.

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