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Ranking the Five NFL Rookie Quarterbacks By How Good Their Situations Are

Listen to Clay Travis rank the five NFL rookie quarterbacks in terms of the stock he would buy in them going forward, as Clay ranks the five players by how viable their playing situation and environment will actually be when it comes to personnel, head coach, and franchise.

5. Zach Wilson, Jets

“This is really not about Zach Wilson, and I’m not trying to take shots at Zach Wilson, but the Jets have been a totally broken franchise for a long time. Maybe Zach Wilson is going to come in and make a tremendous difference immediately, but right now the Jets have been bad for so long, they have a losing culture, if you look in the AFC East the Bills are ascending, the Dolphins are on the comeback trail, and the Patriots still went 7-9 even though they had a lot of guys decide to opt-out, and we know how good the combo of Belichick and Josh McDaniels has been over the years.”

4. Justin Fields, Bears

“The reason why I’m not sold on Justin Fields to the Bears is, yes, in theory, you still have an opportunity to have him sit back and not have to make an immediate impact, because remember you have Andy Dalton with the Bears, but I’m just not sold on the Bears’ ability to ever find a quarterback who is going to be able to make a significant difference in terms of how things will go with the Chicago Bears. They seem to be totally cursed at the quarterback position. If you think about it, all the way back to Jim McMahon, the Bears have never been able to find a quarterback that makes good sense with this team. I’m just not sold on Matt Nagy as a head coach. The positive for Justin Fields is that the Bears have a really, really, good, in theory, defense, although it kind of disappeared last year, and in theory, this gives him a little bit of time to grow into the role with Andy Dalton already there. I think it’s possible Nagy gets fired if things don’t go well in that first year, and then you’re a young quarterback with a brand new coaching staff and there’s not that same stability.”

Check out the full segment above for rankings 3 through 1.

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