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Why the Relationship Between Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay Can't Be Repaired

Why the Relationship Between Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay Can't Be Repaired
Jason Smith: “The Packers dared Aaron Rodgers to do this. They have been trying to push him and push his buttons for well over a year now. A year ago tonight when they traded Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love I told you this is the last year that Aaron Rodgers will play in Green Bay because the Packers want to push him out. They dared Aaron Rodgers to do this, now he’s done it, and now the Packers have no idea what to do. If you think for a second that Aaron Rodgers is going to come back and play for Green Bay after this, it’s NOT happening. Aaron Rodgers is a DIFFERENT dude… After it's coming out that he doesn’t wanna play there anymore can he really go back inside that locker room? He CAN’T… He hasn’t said that it’s not true. If something like that gets out and it’s not true this is where you get it in front of it right away and go ‘hey, this is not true!’ But the story gets out and he doesn’t deny it. When you don’t deny a story like this it’s a really big deal. He’s NOT going back to that team. Aaron Rodgers will sit home, and if you don’t trade him he will sit home until you do. He’ll take a year off, he doesn’t care. The Packers can’t just let him sit there because it’s a horrible headline for them, and when you have an asset that is not gaining you anything, eventually you’re going to trade him… I can’t see him playing another down for the Green Bay Packers… Aaron Rodgers has hit a point in his life now where he has met the woman of his dreams, and he’s having a kid. When that happens, something changes in you and you no longer feel like you’re held hostage by your job. Suddenly you say ‘f*** them, I’ve got money, I don’t need their crap anymore.’ They are playing a game of chicken with the wrong guy.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks Aaron Rodgers has played his final game in Green Bay, as Jason doesn’t believe Rodgers and the Packers will ever be able to reconcile their differences after Thursday’s bombshell report that Rodgers wants out of Green Bay ASAP.

Check out the segment above as Smith details why he thinks Rodgers is a ‘different’ dude who will literally have zero problems with sitting out an entire season and hosting Jeopardy if the Packers don’t meet his trade demands.

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