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Colin Cowherd: 'Brittle' Anthony Davis Has Cost Lakers a Chance to Repeat

Colin Cowherd: “Anthony Davis is so injury-prone that he literally twisted his ankle but yet actually left the game because of a back spasm. It’s like that ‘Operation’ game as a kid, and which bone is healthy… Here is the truth about Anthony Davis. He’s not Tom Brady, he’s not Russell Wilson, he’s not LeBron James. He doesn’t spend millions of dollars a year on his body. He’s more like Rasheed Wallace. Naturally gifted, not really a number one, more of a brilliant number two, you can’t necessarily depend on him physically, but God, he’s unbelievably gifted. Rasheed Wallace didn’t like the weight room and neither does Anthony Davis. He is not a grinder, he doesn’t take care of his body, and therefore his body doesn’t take care of him. That is why he has so many small nagging injuries… The reality is Anthony Davis is just not built to give you 75 games in the regular season and 20 in the postseason. Lebron is now tied to a guy who is marginally committed, not a number one, and a brittle body. This was supposed to be the year that AD took over… This is not a championship team this year, and it’s the reality of LeBron’s career. He looks old, he feels old, sometimes he sounds old, and he said a couple of weeks ago that he’ll never be 100% again. Once again LeBron is left with a teammate he can’t rely on.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he doesn’t think the Lakers have a shot to repeat in 2021, as Colin thinks ‘brittle’ Anthony Davis is costing LeBron James a chance at his fifth NBA title because of his lack of stretch and conditioning and work ethic in the offseason to better his body before a season he was supposed to take over in.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he believes AD was never a ‘grinder', and thus why he never emerged as one of the NBA's best players.

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