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Dan Patrick: Packers Should Offer Aaron Rodgers GM Job to Get Him to Stay

Dan Patrick: Packers Should Offer Aaron Rodgers GM Job to Get Him to Stay
Dan Patrick: “If they give him total autonomy and that he can be involved and look at the roster, I think you’re going to have to say ‘we’re going to make you quarterback/GM’, then maybe you have a chance to keep him in Green Bay. If it’s not about the money – which it’s always about the money – then how do we solve this? Can we salvage this? And that’s what I would say to Aaron, ‘just tell us, aside from firing the GM how do we salvage this?’ If he said ‘make me the GM, let me have control over the roster’, then the Packers have to make that decision. Are you willing to give him total autonomy? Which would be historical.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Dan Patrick discuss the flatlining relationship between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, and theorize a way that the Packers can finally reel in Rodgers and get him to commit to a future with the helpless and vulnerable franchise.

Check out the audio above as Dan floats the idea of the Packers potentially letting Rodgers be the first ever ‘quarterback’GM.’

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