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Colin Cowherd Picks Every NBA Playoff Series Based on Each Team’s Star

In Monday’s ‘Best For Last’ segment, Colin Cowherd fills out his NBA ‘Face Bracket’, as Colin picks the winner of each playoff series based on the best player of either team.

#1 Jazz vs. #8 Grizzles (Rudy Gobert vs. Ja Morant)

“It is a guard-driven league. Rudy Gobert in 30 of 33 playoff games scored 20 or fewer points, and Donovan Mitchell is not playing right now. I would say Ja Morant is the best player in this series. He had 10 of his 26 points in the fourth quarter of Game 1. You can’t stop Ja Morant, you can’t keep him in front of you.”

#4 Clippers vs. #5 Mavericks (Kawhi Leonard vs. Luka Doncic)

“Let’s be honest, Kawhi the last two years has struggled late in games, Luka has not. Luka is averaging in the playoffs in his career 31-10-9. ‘LATE’ is what decides playoff games, so I would take Luca over Kawhi.”

#2 Suns vs. #7 Lakers (Chris Paul vs. LeBron James)

“Let’s not get into it. LeBron has never lost a First Round playoff series, he’s 14-0. It’s LEBRON.”

#3 Nuggets vs. #6 Blazers (Nikola Jokic vs. Damian Lillard)

“Jokic just set a career-low for assists in a game. I think Portland has got enough bigs to make him work for it. I don’t think Denver has anybody on that roster that can stop Damian Lillard, so I think Dame is going to be the best player in this series. You can take your MVP vote, I don’t care.”

Check out the full video above as Colin fills out the ENTIRE playoff bracket.

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