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Doug Gottlieb Blasts LeBron James For Never Endorsing COVID-19 Vaccine

Doug Gottlieb: “I gotta say something here that I really disagree with. LeBron won’t confirm or deny that he got the COVID vaccine, quote ‘It’s not a big deal.’ YES, IT IS… I got a pretty good sense that LeBron has been vaccinated because the last thing he wants to do is pop a positive. LeBron should say ‘YES’ I got vaccinated and so did everybody else on this team, and the one guy who didn’t was Dennis Schröder and how did that work out for him?? Him getting a vaccine is HUGE for the Black community… If you wanna be a LEADER, you have to take on the responsibility of leadership, which is like President Biden – get the shot on TV and say ‘I got the vaccine and YOU should too’… Who is advising him?? Somebody grab him… Because of LeBron James and being Black, and because of how the Black community has viewed vaccines for years – you don’t have a bigger job right now then saying you got vaccinated… LeBron is one of the influential men in America. If he doesn’t believe in the vaccine, then he should say it. This is not a topic that you’re allowed to go ‘yeahhh, I’m not going to discuss it, it’s private.’ Sorry bud, this is something you can’t lay off…I’m disappointed in LeBron. I have very high expectations to what he represents to so many people. Like, what are you doing? OWN IT.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb call out LeBron James for never publicly endorsing the COVID-19 vaccine, as LeBron has continuously brushed aside questions about whether he’s gotten the shot or not, and has never gone on the record recommending anyone getting it either.

Last weekend LeBron violated NBA COVID protocols after attending a promotional event in the midst of the NBA playoffs, but will reportedly not be suspended by the league because it was deemed that there wasn't a high level of risk when it came to potentially spreading the virus.

Check out the video above as Gottlieb details how one of the most influential voices in American is failing his fans by refusing to use his base to promote a potentially life-saving vaccine, adding that LeBron should feel a responsibility towards trying to alleviate public discourse for the vaccine among the Black community.

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