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Why Steph Curry Must Leave the Warriors ASAP

Why Steph Curry Must Leave the Warriors ASAP
Jason Smith: “If you are Steph Curry, you’re 33 years old -- If you want to win championships you need to finish your career someplace else, and do what everybody else has done, where the stars say ‘we’re going to team up and we’re going to try to win in the last few years.’ It’s obvious that the Warriors are not going to rebuild that dynasty… This year you were missing Klay and you didn’t even make the playoffs, so maybe you squeak into the playoff if he comes back next year? Nobody else is coming out there to play with you and Draymond anymore, that era is OVER. Draymond is a diminishing player and the other stars are all over 30. You’re not going to get great young players to team up with Steph, YOU have to go somewhere else now… I know he looks like a ‘forever Warrior’, but if he wants to WIN he’s got to go someplace else otherwise he’s going to spend the next five years hoisting up empty threes for his entire time, just watching himself move up the all-time scoring list to maybe finish in the top 40 because the Warriors aren’t going to win a championship. When you’re 33, you gotta go somewhere else. Whether it’s down to the Lakers with LeBron, whether it’s to New York, or whether it’s to Charlotte and going back home to build something there, your destination to win a title lies somewhere else outside of Oakland.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks Steph Curry must leave Golden State if he ever wants to come close to winning a championship again, saying that he’s worried that if Steph stays he’s simply going to be piling up empty stats in meaningless season after meaningless season.

Check out the full segment above as Jason details why Steph needs to bolt Oakland ASAP.

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