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Why Aaron Rodgers Isn't the Victim in Green Bay

Colin Cowherd: “We all treat people differently based on their personality. We all have friends you can tell anything to, even bad news, and then you have friends that if it’s bad news, you’ll just let them find out some other way. There is this sense that had Green Bay given a heads up to Jordan Love it would have been all good. Ehhhh. Should Green Bay communicate better? Absolutely. Alex Smith, yesterday, when I asked him about Aaron and Green Bay’s tension said exactly what most of us feel… I think you should give Aaron the ‘respect’ and heads up, I agree with that, but I’m just going to throw something out there. Aaron’s personality is off-putting to a lot of people. Um, his family has commented on him, teammates, and coaches. It is possible that sometimes people in Green Bay don’t tell him every little thing and some big things? Aaron is often the ‘victim’ in Green Bay a lot, this is like ten years now, the last three especially. Is it possible that sometimes Aaron is NOT the victim? He creates some of this stuff. He’s been in Green Bay 16 years, and you and I know he’s turned off coaches and players; we’ve seen them comment about it. Maybe they don’t include him in every conversation. There are friends that you tell everything to, and there are friends that they can just find out some other way. I asked Alex Smith ‘Did Kansas City tell you that they were going to draft Patrick Mahomes?’ But that’s how you WOULD treat Alex Smith. Alex is warm, friendly, players love him, coaches love him, he’s an overachiever, he’s not a mega-talent – that is how you would treat somebody you think as family. Aaron is not quite like that. Aaron can be prickly with his own family, and with teammates and coaches. Alex was treated in Kansas City like you treat a nice guy. Any time somebody becomes a victim over and over again, sometimes I would suggest maybe you are creating a teensy-weensy bit of it? Aaron may be intimidating to people. He may be off-putting to people. They don’t include him on the text chains and the email chains and don’t tell him some stuff. ‘Let’s just do it and deal with the fallout later’ because they don’t want to be in a combative conversation, and they don’t want to have to argue and defend their position. I do think that you need to tell Aaron when you’re drafting Jordan Love. I think Green Bay was wrong there, but I do think how you treat Alex Smith or a Kirk Cousins is how you treat nice guys. Alex feels like family. Aaron is kind of a one foot in, one foot out.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd defend the Packers organization and give his theory on why their relationship with Aaron Rodgers has slowly deteriorated, as Colin points out the differences in personalities between guys like Rodgers and Alex Smith, and details why they would be treated differently by their respective franchises.

Check out the full segment above.

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