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Rob Parker: Giving Steph Curry a Supermax Deal Would Be Worst Contract Ever

Rob Parker: “Bob Myers of the Golden State Warriors – SAVE YOUR MONEY. DO NOT SIGN STEPH CURRY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. IT’S ALL OVER! LET IT GO! THIS WOULD BE THE WORST CONTRACT IN THE HISTORY OF SPORTS IF YOU RE-SIGN STEPH CURRY TO A SUPERMAX OF MORE THAN $200 MILLION. He just had one of his greatest seasons and couldn’t get his team into the NBA playoffs, where everyone and their uncle makes the playoffs!!… Why?? Don’t do this! Don’t fall in love with old players, the ride in Golden State is OVER! Let it go, you’re not going to win another championship unless Kevin Durant is walking through that door. Steph can’t even win an NBA Finals MVP, and he now can’t even make the playoffs when they let EVERYBODY in. Just accept that you had a nice run with the Warriors with Steph. You got lucky that you got a guy from a small college, he blossomed into something really special, and now you can count your lucky stars that you got three championships out it. You’re not getting anymore. Don’t be foolish and don’t be greedy. It’s okay to let stars go… You can go to the tallest building in San Francisco and dump that $200 million off the balcony and it would be the same thing. You got an opening Golden State, RUN THE OTHER WAY, RUN FROM STEPH CURRY. I’m telling you, this will be a mistake!” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks the Golden State Warriors would be making a historically bad decision in offering Steph Curry a four-year, $215 million 'supermax' deal, as Rob begs the Warriors to not dish out what Rob believes would become ‘the worst contract in sports history.’

Check out the video above as Rob says the Warriors need to simply let Curry walk in free agency and not risk dumping $200+ million into a ‘star’ player who couldn’t even get Golden State into the playoffs.

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