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Colin Cowherd Rates the Panic Levels of Every Struggling NBA Playoff Team

For Tuesday’s ‘Best For Last’ Segment, Colin Cowherd breaks down which NBA playoff teams should be panicking right now. (Scale of 1-10)

New York Knicks: Down 0-1 to Atlanta Hawks

“Six. They can’t stop Trae Young. They’re a good defensive team and they can’t stop Trae Young. They lost at home, and let’s be honest about this; Julius Randle and RJ Barrett, their two leading scorers, really struggled. Randle has never been in this spot as a playoff guy to lean on him. You’re asking Julius Randle to be a star offensive player and that’s not really what he is. You lost at home, you can’t stop Trae Young, I’m a little concerned.”

Miami Heat: Down 0-2 to Milwaukee Bucks

“Nine. Tyler Herro is a bad player, suddenly averaging 7 a game in this series, and shooting 20%. Jimmy Butler is not playing well. Frankly, some of that is Milwaukee being a really good defensive team who got better defensively from last year. This is not a great matchup and with Tyler Herro now lost at sea – they need his scoring. Now Khris Middleton is playing without much fear because he can be a ‘good’ player, which is what he is, and they’re not demanding him being a ‘special’ player in the playoffs.”

Check out the FULL video above as Colin rates the panic level of the Jazz, Suns (because of Chris Paul’s injury), Nuggets, Clippers, Blazers, and Lakers.

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