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Colin Cowherd: Miami Heat Have Finally Been Exposed As a 'One-Hit Wonder'

Colin Cowherd: “In the offseason the Heat wanted James Harden to go with Jimmy Butler, and they were willing to give up ANYTHING as long as Tyler Herro wasn’t in the deal. That doesn’t look like a great move right now by Pat Riley who usually makes great moves. Tyler Herro is now playing with garbage time guys, and is about their eighth-best player. In this series, he’s been horrible, 14 total points, 3/15, and we know he’s an egregiously bad defender. According to the stories I looked up this morning he started becoming a ‘celebrity’ in Miami… Miami is a seductive town and Tyler Herro has officially been seduced. Jimmy Butler is not happy with him, and according to stories, Miami is not happy with him. Before we ask ‘WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE HEAT??’ I don’t know, are we sure anything has happened? I mean, they were a five seed last year in the cruddy East, the second-lowest seed in the history of the Eastern Conference to ever make the Finals, and this year they’re a six seed. Jimmy Butler is very good, but he’s not KD. Bam is very good but he’s not AD. This is kind of maybe what they are. I mean, they’re not ‘special’ offensively, they were 18th in total offense. Last year they got kind of a break. They had a bunch of young players in a city that’s highly distracting, and they pulled them all to boring Orlando to sit in a hotel for three months, and it worked to their favor. They took out the distractions of Miami for a young team, put them in a bubble, and they played their ass off. We see examples like this all the time in music with ‘one-hit wonders’, and we see random movies that are fantastic and then you try to make a sequel. No, Caddyshack was worth ONE movie and that was it… Everyone is waiting for Miami to ‘take the next step.’ Last year was a little lightning in a bottle. What’s happened to Miami? Um, reality set it??” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he’s not really surprised by the Miami Heat getting eviscerated by the Bucks in Game 2 to fall down 0-2 in their first-round series, saying this year’s defending Eastern Conference champions were a ‘one-hit wonder’ who enjoyed ‘lightning in a bottle’ during their shocking run to the NBA Finals at Orlando’s Bubble last season.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why ‘reality’ simply struck the Heat, a team who was never really much more than a five or six seed in a bad Eastern Conference.

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