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Why NFL Teams Should Steer Clear From Trading For Deshaun Watson

Jonas Knox: “At the very least I think Deshaun Watson is going to be suspended six games… If there’s no settlement and he and Rusty Hardin are maintaining that he is innocent and they want to prove his innocence, I don’t see how the NFL lets this hang over anybody’s head, and I don’t see how the NFL just lets this sit out there and float out there, and they just allow Deshaun Watson to go back to the field. I don’t think the NFL is going to want to deal with the blowback and PR hit they’re gonna get. If Deshaun Watson wants to go all the way through with this, then I don’t think he’s playing this season… If he goes through with this, if he’s demanding, and they want to make sure they’re proving his innocence, and they don’t like the hit he’s taking to his reputation, and if he’s innocent then that’s absolutely what he should do, but I don’t think he’s playing this year because I don’t think the NFL is going to let him play with all this stuff hanging out there, and then look bad after the fact, much like they did whether it was the Ray Rice situation, Adrian Peterson, etc... If Deshaun Watson is still pushing to be traded, he’s got a lot of balls, man… If he, after all this stuff came out still demands a trade and still doesn’t want to be a part of the Houston Texans after, I think at the very least, everybody can acknowledge that there’s some fire where there’s a little bit of smoke here? Do you mean to tell me that this guy needed 50-something massage therapists?? Even if you’re a Deshaun Watson supporter, you can acknowledge that something is a little off with that. With all this stuff now out, if he still demands a trade and still no wants to part of the Texans, I’m telling you, in the court of public opinion this whole thing is going to start to flip. That fact that this guy can’t see that this organization has had his back? They haven't come out publicly and thrown him under the bus or said anything negative about him. If he still says he’s too good for that organization it's going to be a bad look.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Jonas Knox, guest-hosting for Clay Travis, explain why he thinks NFL teams should steer clear from any trade offers for Deshaun Watson, as Knox believes the NFL won’t let Watson take the field before forcing him to miss a substantial period of time, regardless of whether he settles with the accusers or continues to pledge his innocence.

Check out the full video above.

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