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Marcellus Wiley Says Lakers Are in 'Serious Trouble' vs. Suns

Marcellus Wiley: “Let’s be clear, THESE Lakers are not last year’s winning Lakers. They don’t have the five-month break in the bubble and all those circumstances that contributed to their success. Because of the injuries to LeBron and AD they are disjointed right now in terms of chemistry. The compromised Lakers are facing these young gunners in Phoenix. Ayton is not going away. Not only as a defensive presence but in offensive production. We know Devin Booker is a monster and he’s going to continue to cause problems, but here is the REAL of it all: if you’re a player on the Lakers and it’s halftime and coach is like ‘we’re down by eight’, and you look at the stat sheet and realize you have shot 17 free throws and the Suns haven’t shot one single free throw. I don’t give a damn what coach draws up, I don’t give a damn what coach is trying to lie to me and say, I’m thinking in the back of my mind ‘uh, oh.’ They haven’t even got their charity yet and they’re already spanking us like this. I’m telling you, because of the lack of chemistry and continuity, I think the Lakers are in serious trouble.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Marcellus Wiley join The Odd Couple to explain why he thinks the Lakers are in ‘serious trouble’ after their Game 1 loss in Phoenix, as Wiley doesn’t believe LA has the same advantages as they did last season in the NBA’s playoff bubble.

Check out the segment with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker above.

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