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Nick Wright: Kawhi Made a Massive Mistake Leaving Raptors to Join Clippers

Nick Wright: “The Clippers are a very poorly built team. Kawhi had the best half of his life last night and was fine in the second half, Paul George was good throughout, so why did they lose? Because Nick Batum, according to advanced metrics was the WORST PLAYER IN THE NBA LAST YEAR playing for the Hornets. He’s in their ‘crunch time’ five. Reggie Jackson has NEVER been good in the playoffs, he’s in their crunch-time five. They’re going to Terance Mann for a boost. Patrick Beverly is undersized and bad on offense. Ivica Zubac’s feet are in quicksand and he’s bad on defense. They don’t have a good roster. They haven’t had a good roster for two years. Kawhi could have stayed in Toronto and defended his title. He could have gone home to LA and played with LeBron and Anthony Davis. Instead, he chose to go to arguably the worst historical franchise in the NBA’s history, had them trade everything they had for Paul George, and what he’s going to get out of it in two years is ONE playoff series victory. That’s because this is OVER. They are getting smoked and they have no answers.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Nick Wright join The Herd to explain why he thinks it’s becoming all too obvious that Kawhi Leonard made a terrible decision joining the Clippers and spurning the Raptors and Lakers in the 2019 offseason, as Wright thinks Leonard hoped on board with a doomed roster from the very start.

Check out the video above as Nick details to Colin Cowherd how awkward this team really is.

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