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Doug Gottlieb Calls Out WNBA Player For 'Hypocritical' Blast at Coach

Liz Cambage: “Something went down in today’s game and I need to speak on it because if there’s one thing about me, it's I will never let a man disrespect me, EVER, EVER, EVER, especially a little White one. So, to the coach of Connecticut, I’m sorry, little, sir man, I do not know your name, but the next time you try to call out a referee trying to get a call going ‘C’MON, SHE’S 300 POUNDS!’ I’m going to need you to get it right, baby, because I’m 6’8’, weighing, I just double-checked because I love to be correct and get facts, I’m weighing 235 pounds and I’m very proud.”

Doug Gottlieb: “We all understand the hypocrisy in this, right?... if you really wanna be judged as a legitimate sport – this has been the problem with women’s sports in the grand scheme of things. You want to be judged as equals, everybody is okay with that. You want to be judged the same as a men’s sport. Okay, you don’t actually want that. You can’t be all about ‘inclusivity’ and ‘anti-racism’ and then make fun of the fact that he’s a 'little White dude'. You can’t say you’re proud to be a big girl, and then when he goes over the top with his comments you suddenly act like you’re sooo offended by it. The idea that you’re offended – when you’re not, but you’re only 'offended' because you hear it and it’s knee-jerk. We do see the hypocrisy, right?... If it’s off-limits to go over the top about somebody’s weight, fine, then it’s gotta be off-limits to make fun of somebody’s height and somebody’s race… You can’t act like you’re so quasi-offended by it, get a dude suspended, get ten grand of his money, when your commentary is equally, if not more offensive. That’s the height of hypocrisy.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb discuss the bizarre recent story coming out of the WNBA where Las Vegas Aces player Liz Cambage blasted Connecticut Sun head coach Curt Miller in a scathing Twitter video where she referred to him as ‘little White man' after it was revealed that during a game Miller referred to Cambage as ‘300 pounds’ when arguing with a referee about a play Cambage was involved in.

Check out the video above as Gottlieb details the hypocrisy of fighting 'body-shaming' with body-shaming.

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