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Anthony Davis Should've Been Ejected From Game 2 For Groin Kick to Defender

Anthony Davis Should've Been Ejected From Game 2 For Groin Kick to Defender
Jason Smith: “There was absolutely intent. It should have probably been 'Flagrant 2' and Anthony Davis gets kicked out of the game. If they had called a Flagrant 2 there is no defending it because AD clearly goes in and gives that big kick and you know exactly what he was trying to do. There should have been an ejection, and his stat line should have been ‘0,0, and 0’… That’s the video they show officials of an example of what a Flagrant 2 would be… The NBA has forever said that they’re not going to kick their stars out… This would have happened for ANY star… This was the definition of a Flagrant 2.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks Anthony Davis should have been ejected for his kick to the groin to Suns defender Jae Crowder, as Jason thinks there was clearly ‘intent’ to label the play as a ‘Flagrant 2’ foul, and have Davis thrown out of the contest in the very first minute of Game 2.

Check out the audio above as Jason says it’s just another classic case of the NBA protecting their stars from not missing any time.

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