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Colin Cowherd Describes All 16 NBA Playoff Teams in Just Three Words

Watch Colin Cowherd play the ‘3-Word Game’ in his Best For Last segment on Monday, as Colin describes all NBA playoff teams in just three words.

Philadelphia 76ers: ‘EMBIID NEEDS DOC’

“And we don’t mean Rivers. If he’s healthy they should win the series. The Sixers are +83 when he is on the floor in the playoffs, and -17 when he is not. He is the closest thing we have seen to Shaq since Shaq, but Shaq didn’t have this many injuries early in his career.”

Brooklyn Nets: ‘NOTHING BUT NETS’

“Forget Kyrie and Durant, Brooklyn’s supporting cast made 11 three-pointers in Game 1. If you’re Milwaukee that has got to be really discouraging because James Harden was hurt in the first minute and it did not matter, they got whatever they wanted.”

Milwaukee Bucks: ‘GREEK AND MEEK’

“They couldn’t shoot, 6 for 30 on three-pointers and a lot of that is Khris Middleton. Last year he was their two and this year he’s their three. I like Khris as a player, but when Blake Griffin plays at that level – and he’s something WASHED – and Middleton gives you 13 points, that’s a concern.”

Atlanta Hawks: ‘BIRDS OF PREY’

“How about Trey Young, the second player in league history to score 30+ points in his first four road playoff games. Who is the other guy who did it? Lew Alcindor, 1970. This kid is a showman, he’s offensively gifted, and he reminds me of Steph Curry, but I think he may have an even quicker first step.”

Check out the FULL video above for 3-word descriptions of the other 12 teams who made the playoffs.

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