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Peter Vecsey Blasts Giannis For Shooting Threes: 'The Guy is an Idiot'

Peter Vecsey on Giannis Antetokounmpo Shooting Threes: 'He's An Idiot'
Peter Vescey: “Things stick in my mind about Chris Paul and playoff games where he took too many three-pointers. He’s not a three-point shooter but he’s the absolute best mid-range shooter in the game today… Why the hell don’t more people do that? It’s the easiest shot in the world. It was a shot that I mastered in playgrounds, or up at Rucker [Park). You can’t stop that shot, but NO, they gotta go take three-pointers because analytics say that this is…I hate analytics, I hate the three-pointer, I’m an ABA guy. If you’re not a really good three-pointer shooter – Booker is – then why are you out there? Why is your coach allowing you to take these shots?? My God! It’s like watching the ‘Greek Freak’. What the hell is he doing taking three-pointers? My God, thank you, the Nets are like ‘Oh please! Please take the three-pointers!’ How many times do you think you’re going to get fouled out in three-point range? The guy is an idiot, and the coach is an idiot too for letting him do it. Even Embiid, I hate seeing him do it. He’s unstoppable close to the hoop, but it’s his ego saying ‘let’s shoot some three’s!'" (Full audio segment above)

Basketball Hall of Fame NBA writer Peter Vecsey joined Andy Furman and Ryan Hollins on Fox Sports Weekends ripping Giannis Antetokounmpo for his insistence on continuing to shoot three-pointers in their playoff series vs. the Brooklyn Nets despite his alarmingly poor percentage.

Giannis is averaging 29.8 points in the four games but has made just four three’s in 21 attempts (.190).

Check out the audio above as Vescey calls Giannis an ‘idiot’ for the brick-laying during a segment where he was praising Chris Paul for his elite mid-range shot.

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