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American Cyclist Suffers Horrific Crash During BMX Race at Tokyo Olympics

The reigning gold medal BMX racing champion is on the mend after a terrible crash at the Tokyo Olympics on Friday.

Connor Fields, of Plano, Texas, clipped a competitor's bike with his front wheel, which caused him to lose his balance and crash during the first turn in a semifinal run, according to Sports Illustrated. He collided with two other racers and was unable to get back up by himself.

Fields previously won gold in men's BMX at the 2016 Rio Olympics for Team USA and was considered the favorite in Tokyo.

Unfortunately, the 28-year-old was not able to compete in the final because he was hospitalized shortly after the crash.

Fields had to be stretchered off of the track, but "he is awake, stable, and awaiting further medical evaluation," USA Cycling BMX said in a statement.

The extent of Fields' injuries is unknown, but his dad Mike Fields in Las Vegas said his son is getting CT scans for his head, neck, and spine.

The crash left others on the USA BMX team shaken.

“I was with one Team USA staff member crying. He's my training partner, so I hope he's okay. I'm thinking about him a lot right now. I'm still a bit emotional. I look up to [Connor] a lot and just his mentality. He's helped me with that, to get the right mentality, the winner’s mentality. He's an Olympic champion forever. To be around him, and his support, all the time is amazing," said Felicia Stancil, who finished #4 in the women's BMX race final.

"His crash definitely affected me. I actually won the next lap after I cried. I was crying going up the start hill and then won the run. He's just an inspiration. It's hard to see your training partner that you've spent a lot of time with go down.”

Fields currently lives in Las Vegas and is a UNLV graduate.

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