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Parker's NFL Power Rankings: Rob Parker Ranks His Top 5 Teams After Week 1

Listen to Rob Parker count down his rankings of the top 5 teams in the NFL after Week 1 in Rob’s official unfurl of his weekly ‘PARKER’S POWER RANKINGS.’

Here are the Week 1 rankings as follows:

5. Bucs

4. Rams

3. Chiefs

2. Steelers

1. 49ers

Most notable takes:

“Everyone is acting like the Buccaneers did something special but they committed four turnovers and gave up nearly 500 total yards to the Cowboys! They were fortunate to come away with a win.”
“I’ll give the Rams credit but they beat the hapless Chicago Bears! The Bears aren’t a playoff team! When this season is said and done it’ll be yet another team that Matthew Stafford has beaten that doesn’t finish with a .500 record. Before you beat your chest and make it like he conquered the world and act like he carved up the Bears, DON’T buy into it, it didn’t happen.”
“Did you watch the sleepwalk by the Chiefs in the first half?? They were very fortunate to come away with a win, and Cleveland gave it up at the end.”
“This is tough for me to say because I’m not big on the Steelers and I don’t have them making the playoffs, but I will give them credit, they went to Buffalo and they won a BIG game. I thought this team was dead but they didn’t look like it in Week 1.”
“A lot of people are like ‘THEY BEAT THE LIONS, SO WHAT?!’, but it was a west coast team coming east and steamrolling the Lions. This team has a good defense and offensively they were making things happen. The 49ers looked like world-beaters on the road before Jared Goff got his ‘Stat Padford’ numbers.”

FULL audio above.

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