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Colin Cowherd Calls Out Aaron Rodgers For Always 'Playing the Victim'

Aaron Rodgers after their win over Detroit: “People like to say a lot of bullsh*t, and it’s nice to come back in here after a game like that. I think even more now than when I started playing, there are so many overreactions that happen on a week-to-week basis, so it’s nice to come out and have a good performance and get the trolls off our back for at least a week.”

Colin Cowherd: “There are no trolls, everyone thought Green Bay would win last night and everyone thought they would win big. Nobody thought Detroit would lead at half – they DID. Or that Detroit would outgain you – they DID. Or that Detroit would average more per play – they DID. Aaron likes Hollywood, Aaron likes the attention, he does a couple press conferences; Green Bay is boring. There is nothing else to do and he’s always good in front of a mic. He loves the attention. When Aaron says ‘pEoPlE sAy a lOt oF tHiNgs’ – no, YOU said you were 50/50 on retirement. YOU stood in front of a microphone for 20 minutes ripping your front office. YOU lost to the Saints by 30, and YOU said you guys were ‘flat.’ We just reacted to YOUR comments. There are no ‘trolls’, nobody last night thought Detroit was going to win. Aaron loves the attention and loves to play the victim. Aaron has one Super Bowl and Tom has seven and there are swaths of media out there who will tell you that Aaron is better than Tom. He’s not the victim. Can we stop with the ‘woe is me’, ‘everybody is out to get me, ‘people say crazy things’? ‘Crazy things’ is you saying right before the season ‘ehh, I was 50/50 on quitting.’ THAT’S crazy. What, are we just supposed to not react to it?? You were the worst quarterback in the league Week 1, were we just not supposed to react to it?? Let’s just be honest, you like the attention, and you love playing the victim. You are NOT a victim. No great player gets more love and gets argued that he’s the greatest player of his generation with fewer championships. Aaron is fine, but boy he loves playing the victim.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd call out Aaron Rodgers for continuing to ‘play the victim’ and attract attention to himself after Rodgers’ postgame press conference Monday night when he called out ‘trolls’ in the media who were critical of the Packers’ blowout Week 1 loss to New Orleans.

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