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Colin Cowherd Says this NFL Team is the League's Most Exciting to Watch

Colin Cowherd: “What I do for the first four or five weeks in the NFL is go to the NFL standings on Monday and see who I whiffed on. The one team so far that I really whiffed on was the Raiders. I had them as a 7-win team and in last place. I didn’t like their defense, they didn’t generate a pass rush, and I felt like Derek Carr was the life preserver. I didn’t know if Gruden was working, Mayock was working, and all I knew was the tight end was great, and Derek Carr was exceptional. He completed the ball to NINE different targets. As much as I was impressed with Green Bay, let’s be honest about the Packers. It’s ALL Davante Adams. EVERY big throw is to Davante Adams, every single one. This game was wildly entertaining. I WHIFFED ON THE RAIDERS. They had 500 yards against Miami’s defense, they won a shootout with Baltimore and Lamar Jackson, and there are certain things that really matter when you look at quarterbacks. Derek Carr’s fourth-quarter passing rating this year is 127, virtually perfect. ANYBODY could be good in the first quarter with a great coach. Aaron Rodgers is going to get love off those two completions for a week, and he deserves it, but Derek Carr has done that three weeks in a row. Say what you want about Pittsburgh, but that defense is really good and Derek Carr ate it apart. Until yesterday he’s done it with no running game, the offensive line is hit-or-miss, and he’s doing most of this late in games when everyone knows he’s throwing it. I don’t like their first-round picks but Gruden has gotten the very best from Derek Carr. Gruden deserves credit. Carr always had talent but he’s giving him a lot of positive vibes, he’s always got his back, and he’s really communicating with him. How lucky for the Raiders that they couldn’t even get people in the stadium until this year and now they’re one of the best watches in the league.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd admit that he completely whiffed on the Raiders this season, as Colin predicted last month before the season started that Vegas would win only 7 games and finish in dead last place in the AFC West division.

Check out the video above as Colin details why the Raiders are now can't-miss TV.

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