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Justin Tucker Discusses His Record-Breaking Field Goal With Dan Patrick

Justin Tucker: “All the stuff that goes with that kick at the end of the game, first and foremost, you want to make the kick and win the game. As we were lining it up I kind of realized that we have a chance to make history right here and this could be pretty special. All of the stuff going into the kick, all of the feelings, and all of the thoughts, and all of the emotions – I’ve said this before, your feelings in those moments don’t matter, what matters is executing, what matters is seeing Nick Moore throw back a perfect strike with the snap, 12-o’clock laces with the snap that Sam [Koch] can just spot quickly. What matters is the other eight guys holding their blocks just long enough to allow us to get the ball off in the first place, and then trusting my technique. When you’re that far away you gotta both trust the technique and sacrifice some of it to just power the ball. From 66 yards away you gotta put everything into it, so just thinking about the process, and the action, and not the consequence, and then when it’s all said and done, then you can let your feelings and your emotions take over, enjoy the moment, celebrate with your teammates, and know that what just happened was special and amazing to be a part of it.”

Dan Patrick: “Did you hear the ball hit the crossbar?”

Tucker: “I did. It sounded like what I felt like my stomach was doing: just dropped inside of me and I’m thinking that I just didn’t have enough to get it there. And, sure enough, it bounced the right way. After having a couple of doinks in recent memory for myself that didn’t go my way, to have that one, yesterday afternoon, work in our favor is definitely a good feeling.”

Watch Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker join The Dan Patrick Show to discuss his record-breaking 66-yard field goal that shockingly downed the Detroit Lions on the final play of the game.

Tucker, already considered by most to be the greatest kicker in league history, is the most accurate kicker in NFL history with over a 90% success rate, and now has the record for longest kick ever, snapping Matt Prater's previous record of 64 yards.

Check out the full interview above.

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