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Why Bill Belichick's Entire Legacy is at Stake in Bucs vs. Patriots Game

Photo: Robin Marchant

Jason Smith: “Bill Belichick talking about the upcoming game against Tom Brady tells you that Bill Belichick is in the fight of his football life. Things have not gone well post-Tom Brady. Last year he got the benefit of the doubt because Brady was gone, they didn’t have any money, and they weren’t trying to win. Belichick got a pass last year but this past offseason they went out and signed so many big players and it hasn’t worked. They are a really bad Jets team away from being 0-3. Belichick knows that if they get thumped this week, suddenly it’s going to be ‘oh, yeah, all the votes are in, and it’s Brady greater than Belichick'. Belichick got the benefit last year but after all the people you got to replace Tom Brady, you stink, you just got thumped by the Saints, you watched Brady win the Super Bowl, you know he’s probably close to getting to that again, and now where are you? Everything will turn against Belichick and the genius that he’s been for 20 years is going to get chipped away and it’s going to be a revolt in New England. ‘Maybe it’s not Belichick, maybe it was all Brady because look at what Brady has done since he left and look at what happened to us since he left.’ Sunday is a HUGE, HUGE game. This is ‘Belichick vs. Brady’ and who the 'winner' is. If Brady wins this game, everything is a snowball going downhill for him. If the Patriots win, OK, you keep it alive a little bit, but this is a really big game. If the Patriots lose this game, and they probably will, and suddenly Belichick looks so much smaller than he has been. He’s in the fight of his football life reputation-wise. Everybody who has watched a football game in their life is going to see this game on Sunday and go ‘yup, it must have been ALL Brady’, and the people who went ‘It was all Brady’ are going to go ‘yep, I don’t see that.’ That’s why Brady wants to play until 50, so he can keep sticking it to Belichick.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks the upcoming game between the Buccaneers and the Patriots could be the most important game of Bill Belichick’s career, as Jason believes the result of Tom Brady’s highly anticipated return to New England could forever define both of their legacies.

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