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Why Patriots Fans Shouldn't Be Excited About Mac Jones' NFL Future

Nick Wright: “It seems that everyone watched a different game than me last night. The takeaway last night for a lot of people was ‘MAC JONES! 19 STRAIGHT COMPLETIONS! LOOKING GOOD! OF ALL THE ROOKIE QUARTERBACKS LOOK AT STEADY EDDY MAC JONES!’ But I watched that game and thought ‘If I’m a Pats fan I am incredibly depressed that my quarterback ostensibly for the next decade has a ceiling as high as a one-floor house.' Do you know how I know that the Patriots deep down don’t yet trust Mac Jones? Because Bill Belichick told you by making an indefensible coaching decision. The Pats had 4th and 3, less than a minute left, the ball right on the edge of field goal range, and Bill Belichick – the smartest and greatest coach in NFL history, had to choose between Mac Jones getting three yards, or jog out a kicker drafted during the Bush administration who last made a 55-yarder during the Obama administration, kicking outdoors in a driving rainstorm, then hoping your defense can hold on for dear life. Bill Belichick told you he couldn’t trust the quarterback and kicked the field goal. It told you all you need to know. Did you see Zach Wilson yesterday? Sometimes letting your quarterback play without training wheels, they can learn to ride that bike faster than you imagine. Then you have the Patriots with the dink and dunk and screen pass with Mac Jones because they don’t trust him to throw the ball 15, let alone 20 yards down the field. He did it once yesterday and it was caught by the Buccaneers. This isn’t Nick Wright’s opinion on Mac Jones, it’s Bill Belichick’s. There were no moral victories last night.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Nick Wright, guest-hosting for Colin Cowherd, explain why he wasn’t impressed with Mac Jones and New England’s narrow loss to the defending champion Bucs on Sunday night, as Wright says the final moments of the game proved that Bill Belichick doesn’t have much confidence in Jones completing anything more than a screen pass or dink and dunk.

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