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College Football Coach Hurt in Bizarre Postgame Scuffle

SMU won Saturday's football game against TCU, but the Battle for the Iron Skillet is still heating up.

TCU assistant Jerry Kill suffered a concussion after falling on the field after the game between the Dallas-Fort Worth teams, the Dallas Morning News reported. Kill was among the handful of TCU staffers who were on the field when an SMU wide receiver Rashee Rice attempted to plant the university's flag midfield to celebrate the 42-34 win.

TCU players and coaches grabbed the SMU flag and broke it.

In a Tuesday news conference TCU coach Gary Patterson claimed that SMU planned the flag-planting and that an SMU player was responsible for knocking over Kill.

“You don’t think it was planned? They had a media person from their office out flipping their flag in the middle of the field? It’s OK, but don’t tell me there wasn’t a plan in there somewhere,” Patterson told reporters. “A guy got hurt. That’s why I’m upset about … things like that usually cause seizures.”

The coach was referencing Kill, who has epilepsy.

SMU immediately put out a statement denouncing Patterson's claims.

“While Coach Patterson acknowledged that his postgame claim cannot be substantiated, he accused our program, multiple times, of planning to plant our flag on the field following our win. This is a complete fabrication. I can state unequivocally that there was no such plan," SMU Athletic DirectorRick Hart.

There's also no proof that an SMU player hit Kill. Video shared by the Dallas Morning News shows Kill surrounded by TCU players when he fell.