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Why Baker Mayfield's NFL Career is Suddenly at a Crossroads

Colin Cowherd: “Baker Mayfield is no dummy, he can see on the horizon what’s happening. He’s got a great offensive line, he’s got a great run game, yet against Kansas City he blew a lead, against the Chargers he was brutal late, and then Case Keenum comes in – they’re both kind of the same size, both were better college quarterbacks than pro quarterbacks, and both unheralded Texas high school recruits – and Case comes in and wins a game with all his numbers equal to Baker’s numbers. Before the dam breaks, there are always leaks. This week after Case replaced Baker and played up to Baker’s level, one Cleveland player, the left tackle, said there was ‘no drop off’, and now Bart Scott on 'First Things First' says there’s 'no difference'. It all starts with a trickle, what if Case Keenum plays this week and beats Pittsburgh? Now you’re going to have a couple media people saying stuff and maybe ANOTHER teammate saying stuff. Then let’s add some more momentum to it; what if Baker comes back and loses to Joe Burrow? Forget my show, what do you think the topic is going to be in Cleveland that Monday?? Baker Mayfield knows this, he’s no dummy. Careers are all about momentum. Baker didn’t have any momentum early, then he had it, and now he doesn’t have it.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why Baker Mayfield’s future in Cleveland could be at a crossroads the next couple of weeks, as an injured Mayfield, still waiting for a long-term extension past 2022, has to watch from the sidelines as backup Case Keenum leads the team to similar production and results.

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