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The Real Reason Why the Seahawks Organization is Officially in Crisis

Colin Cowherd: “The Seahawks have been in crisis for two years since Paul Allen passed away and Pete Carroll got way too much power. I have been on this for 2 to 2.5 years. I like Pete, I know Pete, he should go into the Hall of Fame, and like Jimmy Johnson, he was one of the few guys that was elite in college and a great pro coach. But we’ve been on this for two years, Paul Allen passed away, he was a great owner of the Blazers and the Seahawks – totally committed and loved sports. He loved his rock n’ roll music and he loved sports. He passed away and he gave it to his sister. She’s not into sports, she’s not connected to the team, and many don’t think it works. Pete has a lot of power now and I don’t like coaches with too much power, including Bill Belichick. The Jamal Adams trade for Seattle was ridiculous. Two firsts, a third, and a safety for a safety?? And I like Jamal Adams. Seattle is in a crisis and you know they’re in a crisis when a Hall of Fame coach nearing the end of his career starts blaming the OFFICIALS for a loss at Green Bay. It’s hard to blame the officials when you get shut out. I don’t think any reasonable fan saw that game and said ‘THE OFFICIALS ARE COSTING US THIS GAME!’ Seattle’s defense with a defensive head coach is 31st, and it’s been bad and getting worse for years. The offense is outdated, Russell Wilson is now mired in fourth place and there is no real way out. They’re just not that good. The Seahawks organization is in crisis, it has been for 3 years, and nobody wants to talk about it. You have to hire OFFENSIVE coaches in this league going forward, unless you have a defensive coach like a Belichick or a McDermott, who finds a gem as an offensive coordinator, and gives the offense to that side. Who is winning in this league right now is offensive coaches or defensive guys who find a gem at OC. Seattle has an ownership issue, they’ve got an unhappy quarterback issue, and they have a power dynamic that is unhealthy where the coach has too much say. Seattle’s issues are solvable. They’ve got a great quarterback and 3 or 4 unbelievable players, but the power dynamic is off and when Pete Carroll is blaming officials, that feels a little outdated and a little desperate.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Seattle Seahawks organization is currently in ‘crisis’, as Colin lays out the reasons why the Seahawks have suddenly become a second-tier franchise that was once a budding dynasty.

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