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Stop Overrating Dak Prescott

Colin Cowherd: “A lot of people are saying that Dak Prescott is in a ‘slump’. Quarterbacks do have off years because maybe they’re beat up, or lose a left tackle, or there’s a coaching change, a coordinator change, and they’re not up for it. But let’s take four years with Dak Prescott. Is he just Kirk Cousins with more fans and fewer haters? So here are the last four years for Dak Prescott. Against the NFC East he’s 16-2, the worst division easily in the league. He’s 14-20 against everybody else. Against the NFC East, he’s a Pro Bowler and has a 109 quarterback rating. Against everybody else he’s got a 94 – he’s ‘a Guy.’ He’s not terrible, he’s a ‘B’, ‘B+’ guy. The last four seasons against teams with winning records, he’s 8-17 with a 41/24 TD-INT ratio. Against teams .500 or worse, he’s 22-5 with a 52/9 TD-INT ratio. Is Kirk Cousins ‘in a slump’ or does he occasionally have really good Sundays but against good teams, Kirk Cousins is what he is. That’s kind of where I am with Dak. And that’s with good weapons, with competent tight ends, star receivers, the number one rated offensive line for some of those years, better-than-average running backs, and now they’ve got a good defense. If you look at four years of data, is it a slump or is he just not a guy who can carry a team against good teams? I think the answer is that he’s very much Kirk Cousins, we just like him more than Kirk Cousins. Dak is a good athlete, but he’s not Kyler or Josh Allen. He’s got a decent arm but it’s not like Herbert or Mahomes. He’s a ‘B’ to ‘B+’ quarterback.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Dak Prescott is simply a more likeable version of Kirk Cousins, as Colin details why he thinks Dak’s down season is more of just an accurate representation of who Dak really is as a quarterback.

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