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Colin Cowherd Ranks His Top 10 NFL Teams After Week 17

Watch Colin Cowherd count down his list of the top 10 NFL teams after Week 17 in Colin’s latest installment of the Herd Hierarchy rankings.

10. Chargers (9-7) (Last Week: Unranked)

“They have the number one total offense and the number two scoring offense since Week 11 as this young coaching staff figures out Justin Herbert. They’re hyper-aggressive. Herbert is the highest-graded quarterback on third down in the entire league, that includes Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. They are a big-play offense who can’t stop anybody, so I think there are limitations to what they can do in the playoffs. But receivers – excellent, backs and o-line – upgraded, star quarterback, productive tight ends, this is a team who can be trailing by three touchdowns entering the second half and they could still come and win. They score BIG, they score fast, they just can’t stop teams so I put them at ten.”

9. Patriots (10-6) (Last Week: No. 8)

“The Patriots have a GREAT defense, but opposite to the Chargers, if they fall behind they are not winning the game – they just don’t fall behind much. Mac Jones has been terrific – nine games completing at least 70% of his passes or more, we knew he was accurate, but if it’s not on-script you don’t get anything here. They are 7-0 against teams with a losing record, and are 3-6 against teams .500 or better. If they meet their match physically, and they dont have the personnel to overcome a level of team like a Kansas City, Green Bay, or Arizona, I just don’t think they’re built for long-term success right now in the playoffs.”

Check out the FULL rankings in the video above

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