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VIDEO: Edelman Does Spot-On Belichick Impression; Is 'Still Scared' of Him

Photo: Ronald Martinez

Julian Edelman apparently can't stop doing an impression of his longtime New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, despite admitting that he's "still scared of the guy."

During an appearance on the I Am Athlete podcast, the three-time Super Bowl champion was asked by former Pro Bowl cornerback and co-host Adam 'PacmanJones to do his impression of Belichick -- which he's done during multiple post-retirement media appearances -- and Edelman told a story about a recent visit with his former team.

"I just saw him, recently. I went and visited the team," Edelman said, before switching to the monotone, no-nonsense mode of Belichick. "He was like, 'Look, if I have to turn on the f------ TV and see you doing me every f------ day, like, what are we f------ doing here?' That's what he would say to me and I'm over here I'm sitting on eggshells. I'm still scared of the guy, I don't even play for him."

Edelman, who described the six-time Super Bowl champion coach as being "like the emperor" of the Patriots franchise, said he told Belichick, "Hey coach, it's all out of love," to which Belichick responded, "Look, just shut the f--- up."

Edelman announced his retirement in April, which led to the normally stoic Belichick giving a rare statement of gushing praise for the former Super Bowl MVP, calling Edelman "the ultimate competitor and a "privilege" to coach via NESN.

“By any measure of what constitutes an elite NFL career — wins, championships, production — Julian has it all,” Belichick said. “Few players can match Julian’s achievements, period, but considering his professional trajectory and longevity, the group is even more select. It is historic. This is a tribute to his legendary competitiveness, mental and physical toughness and will to excel. Day in and day out, Julian was always the same: all out.
“Then, in the biggest games and moments, with championships at stake, he reached even greater heights and delivered some of his best, most thrilling performances. For all Julian did for our team, what I may appreciate the most is he was the quintessential throwback player. He could, and did, do everything — catch, run, throw, block, return, cover and tackle — all with an edge and attitude that would not allow him to fail under any circumstance.
“Julian Edelman is the ultimate competitor, and it was a privilege to coach him.”

Edelman played for Belichick during all of his 12 NFL seasons. The duo won three Super Bowls together, including the Patriots' most recent championship, which saw Edelman earn MVP honors in Super Bowl LIII.

Edelman ranks second in Patriots franchise history for career receptions (620), fourth in receiving yards (6,822), and ninth in receiving touchdowns (36.)

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