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Rob Parker Says He's Lost a Lot of Respect For 'Selfish' Kevin Durant

Rob Parker: “This whole thing is crazy, you knew Kyrie Irving was coming back. If you’re KD you could have said ‘let’s look at this thing and see if we can finally all get healthy.’ You got Ben Simmons, you got Joe Harris, and you got this team, let’s give it a shot. You haven’t given it a real shot yet and when they did play and had the ‘Big 3’ they were winning. To bow out in this circumstance and situation, especially on KD’s part, he’s lost a lot and I’m talking about basketball respect. No one has lost any respect for him as a person, he can do whatever he wants, he’s playing a game, but basketball wise – I gotta admit, I’m OUT on KD. He’s a great player, everybody knows that, but I don’t like the way he moves, I don’t like what he has done to his career, just questionable move after move, and it’s hard to hitch my wagon to a guy like that and want to see him have success. I’m not rooting against him but I can’t stand in that camp because I don’t understand it. The franchise took both of them on, gave KD a max deal… [Chris Broussard: ‘When they knew he wasn’t going to play the first season.’] They’ve done [the Nets] everything they could do, and I’m not a Nets apologist but I don’t see what the Nets have done wrong here. I think he’s -- and not all players, but this era has developed and shown us some of the most selfish players we’ve ever seen. They destroyed the Nets organization and franchise as far as value and where they go from here. The way they move around without any regards for anything, I just don’t think it’s good. KD has lost a lot of basketball respect and people will look at him as ‘yeah, he was a great player...’ and that’s about it… They didn’t give it a real shot and that’s the crime in this. If you’re a KD fan where is the respect level for him? It feels cowardly, it feels weak. It’s cowardly to cut bait rather than run and say ‘let’s give this a shot.’ This is a lame move by him. This is worse [than what happened at Golden State]. This is the head of the snake cutting bait. This was supposed to be HIS moment to be THAT GUY and to cement his legacy but he cut bait.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks Kevin Durant’s decision to demand a trade out of Brooklyn was ‘cowardly’, saying that it’s hard to pull for a selfish player like Durant who completely abandoned a Nets team he was supposed to be the leader of.

Check out the segment above as Parker details why the breaking news made him lose a lot of respect for KD, adding that he’s ‘OUT’ on being a Durant supporter ever again.  

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