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Nick Wright Says It's 'Baffling' Aaron Rodgers is #1 in Any NFL QB Rankings

Colin Cowherd: “The NFL executives, players, and coaches put out a top 10 on quarterbacks… I said I’ve seen the last 16 playoff games from Aaron, often at home as a favorite. He’s 7-9, completes 63% of his throws, and his passer rating dips. He’s not the same player when uncomfortable, he’s not the same quarterback when trailing. I would take Mahomes, Allen, Brady, Burrow, and Stafford all ahead of him with two minutes to go and trailing. Your thoughts on Mahomes being below Aaron?”

Nick Wright: “I watched Aaron Rodgers in 2020 be far and away the best quarterback in the league, and then I watched Tom Brady play him in the playoffs and Aaron spit the bit right before halftime, and then screw up the final meaningful drive of the game. OK, it’s one game, it’s one sample, I’m not gonna kill him… Then I watched Aaron in 2021 be far and away the best quarterback in football, and then in his first playoff game – perfect first drive down the field for a touchdown, tiny bit of adversity after a ball is dropped, and then you score three points the rest of the way... The body of evidence is great enough now that if you are saying the goal is to win a championship, then how can you argue that Aaron is your first pick? How can you do it?? It’s baffling to me. His ‘WOW’ moments are not more ‘wow’ than Mahomes’ or Allen’s, and Rodgers is above everybody [in these rankings]. He’s always had more ‘wow’ moments than Brady, but Brady just has all the jewelry and all the winning. If Brady gets to the Super Bowl this year he will have the record for most wins in the playoffs against NFC teams. Think about that, he’s been in the NFC for two years but because he came there with six victories because of the Super Bowls, and now he already has four. The record is 12 by Montana. This is victories in the playoffs against the ‘NFC’ teams! Is that not the most bananas thing you’ve ever heard? The Rodgers thing is a little bit frustrating at this point when people are like ‘yeah, he’s still the best…’ I think he’s awesome and I think he’s great, but I don’t think you can argue that he’s the best quarterback in football after what we’ve seen.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Nick Wright and Colin Cowherd discuss a recent ESPN survey partaken in by over 50 NFL players, coaches, and executives that named Aaron Rodgers the no. 1 quarterback in the league, as both Nick and Colin both agree that it’s baffling that Rodgers is still ranked no. 1 in rankings like these despite having been to only one Super Bowl in his 17-year career.

Check out the segment above as Wright details why Rodgers should be ranked outside the top 5.

Here were the rankings as follows:

10. Dak Prescott
9. Deshaun Watson
8. Russell Wilson
7. Justin Herbert
6. Matthew Stafford
5. Joe Burrow
4. Tom Brady
3. Josh Allen
2. Patrick Mahomes
1. Aaron Rodgers

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