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Colin Cowherd Blames Bills Coaching Staff on Josh Allen's Struggles

Photo: Isaiah Vazquez

Colin Cowherd: “I’m not insinuating that Buffalo has bad coaching but Brian Daboll is probably going to win Coach of the Year. Last year he was a coordinator for Josh Allen. Now he’s gone to New York and they’re probably going to make the playoffs after being unwatchable for most of the last decade. Daniel Jones isn’t great yet here the Giants are winning because Brian Daboll is really good and coaching matters, especially an offensive coach in an offensive pivoting league. Nine games in Buffalo without Brian Daboll and Josh Allen is now regressing and reverting back to the Josh Allen in college and his first year. Wild, too often Superman, throwing the ball away… Even great knockout artists need movement and a jab. Every now and then Patrick Mahomes will go off into the weeds mechanically and Andy Reid has to bring him in, sandpaper him, refine him, and get him back on the fairway. This is not a shot at Ken Dorsey but maybe Brian Daboll is just so excellent that when he leaves, even with Josh Allen’s talent, he starts regressing. This is why coaching matters… In the first half on-script Allen has been very good this year, but in the second half left to his own devices and his talent he’s not very good.. his passer rating is low 80’s. Four years into Allen's career Buffalo’s defensive coach has not developed a run game. The Bills are increasingly an all-or-nothing, home run or strikeout offense. That works analytically in baseball but it does not in football. You need nuance, and movement, and a jab, and a run game. I think this is on coaching, Josh Allen is still a baby, he’s still a kid, and his natural DNA is that he’s a little wild. Josh Allen isn’t getting a consistent run game four years in, he needs refinement in the red zone, and he needs better protection. They’re 30th in the NFL in rushing. McDermott is tight, he’s a defensive-minded guy, he’s not a real joyful presence, and that’s okay, you can win that way, but I think the team gets tight in close games— they lost a lot of close games last year. I’m not blaming this on Josh Allen. The kid is pressing, he feels like he has to do everything, and a lot of the times it’s because he DOES. Don’t get me wrong, he’s letting go of the football and at some point you have to be culpable for your mistakes, but I’ve watched this whole Josh Allen thing… Wild and out of control, refined and very good, and now wild and out of control, and it seems to be Brian Daboll has a huge impact. For those young quarterbacks, you need to get them the right guys. Look at Mac Jones without Josh McDaniels, he’s not the same quarterback.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he’s not putting the blame on Josh Allen for his NFL-leading 10 interceptions this season, but rather singling out the Bills coaching staff in the wake of former Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll taking the Giants head coaching job.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he thinks Allen’s regression is because of Daboll’s exodus, saying that he doesn’t know if Ken Dorsey and Sean McDermott can ‘reel in’ the wild, stallion-like Allen from making costly decisions late in games.

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