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Mets Considering Abandoning Carlos Correa Deal

It has been more than two weeks since star infielder Carlos Correa reached an agreement with the New York Mets on a 12-year deal worth $315 million, the two sides have yet to finalize the arrangement. 

Now, according to Andy Martino, the New York Mets have been "very frustrated" with how the last two weeks has been played out and now considering walking away. Here is what Martino said:

Over the past few days, the Mets have grown “very frustrated” with Carlos Correa negotiations, in the words of one source with direct knowledge of the team’s thinking, and are now considering walking away altogether.
Correa-to-Mets is not dead. In fact, the source said that in the end, they still believed the sides stood a strong chance of reaching an agreement.

It will remain to be seen how this plays out and if another team could try to challenge the Mets for Correa.

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