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Colin Cowherd Decides What Quarterbacks He'd Rather Have Than Lamar Jackson

Watch Colin Cowherd play a game of ‘LAMAR OR LAMARKET?’ as Colin decides which NFL quarterbacks he would rather have over Lamar Jackson when it comes to playing next season exclusively.

Lamar Jackson or Matthew Stafford?

"Stafford and here's why... Remember, Lamar has 3,000 less passing yards than Stafford the last three years. Stafford remains an elite arm, and an elite pocket passer. Let's not forget about his unbelievable playoff run."

Lamar Jackson or Tua Tagovailoa?

"Lamar. There is lack of athleticism and elusiveness for Tua. Another concussion for Tua could be career-ending."

Lamar Jackson or Dak Prescott?

"Lamar is a much more dynamic athlete. Dak is also having injury concerns. There is a 'WOW' factor to Lamar that Dak just doesn't have."

Lamar Jackson or Jalen Hurts?

"Jalen Hurts. Is he going to join our Top 5 club? If Jalen has another year like last year, then there are six quarterbacks in the NFL who would go on the market and there would be a bidding war [Mahomes, Allen, Burrow, Herbert, Lawrence]."

Lamar Jackson or Jimmy Garoppolo?

"Lamar. One is a game-manager, one is a playmaker."

Lamar Jackson or Kyler Murray?

"I'd take Kyler. He's a significantly better passer. I think he throws the prettiest ball in the league and he's not as reliant on his legs."

Lamar Jackson or Russell Wilson?

"I would take Russ because he doesn't get hurt, and I don't get as much drama. Russell Wilson going forward with Sean Payton is going to revert back to a very successful quarterback."

Lamar Jackson or Derek Carr?

"Playmaker vs. more of a game-manager. Although I like Derek Carr more than most, he has a losing record and no playoff wins."

Lamar Jackson or Jared Goff?

I'm the last remaining Jared Goff fan in national media. I take Goff. Does everybody get this... No drama, never hurt, he led the NFL last year in passer rating at home, and touchdown passes at home. He got to a Super Bowl and I've seen him outduel Mahomes in probably the best Monday Night Football of the decade."

Lamar Jackson or Mac Jones?

"Lamar. Big-play ability out of your quarterback is SOMETHING. There's limitations to what Mac can do."

Lamar Jackson or Kirk Cousins?

"Lamar. One guy is not good in big games, Lamar has given you a lot of home runs in big games."

Lamar Jackson or Trevor Lawrence?

"Trevor Lawrence, next to Andrew Luck, is the best young quarterback in a decade, so losing out to Trevor Lawrence is okay."

Lamar Jackson or Daniel Jones?

"Lamar. For all the Daniel Jones fans, he had 15 touchdowns WITH Brian Daboll, and in the weak NFC."

Lamar Jackson or Aaron Rodgers?

"Lamar Jackson. I don't believe Aaron is washed but Aaron has strictly become a pocket passer. He used to give you some wiggle but he doesn't really anymore. He doesn't want to get hit, he doesn't run as much, and he throws it away more."

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