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Jason Whitlock: The Real Reason Cam Newton is No Longer in the NFL

Josina Anderson: “Do you feel like it [Newton’s hair] impacted you getting an NFL job, being accepted by a brand, or just how you’re looked upon as far as employment, being the face of an organization?”

Cam Newton: “It’s been hinted and I’m not changing. People have hinted towards ‘CAM, WE WANT YOU TO GO BACK TO THE 2015 CLEAN CUT CAM’, but that was a different me. Right now, where I’m at, it’s really embracing who I am.”

Anderson: “Did you ever hear of a team specifically, like when you were vying for jobs, particularly when you came back, where you heard specifically that that might have impacted, as far as your look, the dreads or just your style?”

Newton: “You would hint towards it. I gained a lot of great counsel from a lot of people, and the thing that is always mentioned is ‘Yo, Cam, you’re scaring people with how you look’, and I’m not going to name names but there’s other quarterbacks in the league that don’t look like me, but they’ve got long hair. They don’t scare them, do they?”

Jason Whitlock: "Cam is complaining that he’s hearing ‘whispers’ that NFL coaches and executives ‘want that 2015 Cam Newton’… So who was the 2015 Cam Newton? Ohhh, that was the Cam Newton that was the MVP and played in the Super Bowl. Imagine NFL teams wanting THAT version of Cam Newton back? How racist and unfair! Cam should file a lawsuit claiming NFL owners aren’t obeying the ‘C.R.O.W.N. Act’, the ridiculous California law that prohibits discrimination based on hair style and texture. Cam Newton thinks like a woman. He told Josina Anderson ‘my hair is deeply rooted in my culture, and the people who look like me.’ I’m not sure how to describe Newton’s hair style. He wears dreadlocks that are shaped into spikes that stand straight up; he looks like a clown. He occasionally covers his hair with a Mary Poppins style bonnet. What ‘culture’ is Cam reflecting? Who originated this culture? Kunta Kinte? Frederick Douglass? Booker T. Washington? Martin Luther King? Marcus Garvey? Nelson Mandela? Malcolm X? Who?? Among athletes and young Black men, Cam Newton is not alone in his hair obsession. Many male athletes have adopted the belief that a feminized hair style is central to their identity and culture. Men are every bit of obsessed with their looks and modern fashion as women… Cam is sitting around with Josina Anderson talking about Fashion Week in Paris, like how did we get here? Pro athletes, particularly Black jocks, they dress outrageously and use their stadium and arena entrances to walk the runway as models. It’s all supposed to be ‘cool’ and ‘hip.’ It’s feminine. They’ve adopted the personalities of women. If Cam was still in his playing prime, NFL teams would deal with his desire to be a fashion icon and hair model. But as a backup quarterback no NFL team wants to deal with the distraction of Cam’s childlike feminized identity. No coach wants Cam influencing their starting quarterback to waste time on fashion, dreadlocks, and cornrows. Cam should have played tight end in the NFL. His personality quirks would be accepted. Tight ends are not leaders, they’re baby wide receivers, and divas in training. The quarterback position is for LEADERS. Despite all the efforts to emasculate football, the game is still hyper-masculine. It’s counter-productive to inject a feminized leader with a victim mentality into the quarterback room. Cam is out of the league for the same reason as Colin Kaepernick. Diminished skills made teams reluctant to deal with the victim mindset and obsession with looks and branding. Cam should quit doing interviews with reporters who will tell him he’s a victim. It makes him look weak. He behaves like someone who folds at the first sign of resistance. The 2015 NFL MVP Cam Newton and the 2010 National Champion Cam Newton— the ‘clean cut Cams’, were resilient warriors who fought through adversity and criticism. They were ‘Super Cam’. Unfortunately, Newton pivoted to ‘Super Model Cam’. He’s succumbed to the matriarchal culture promoted across social media. Nobody wants a transgender quarterback. Josina Anderson won’t tell Cam that, only a man will tell Cam the truth. Real men, unfortunately, are in short supply.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of 'Fearless' discuss a recent podcast interview free agent quarterback Cam Newton did with ESPN NFL reporter Josina Anderson, where Newton tells Anderson that he thinks his dreadlocks may have 'scared' NFL teams off from signing the former MVP.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock blasts Newton for making such an unfounded assertion, saying Newton would rather play the 'victim role' than admit to himself that his diminished skills and extended injury history have put his career out to pasture.

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