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Dolphins Coach Mike McDaniel Finally Addressed Vaping During Game Clip

Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel has finally addressed a viral video in which he appeared to be vaping during a playoff game.

"Vaping? Like water vape? Hmm. What a confusing question. I don't know this technology you speak off," McDaniel said, jokingly, when asked if he was actually vaping by host Dan 'Big Cat' Katz. “Having said that, I will leave you with this. In past lives, I have vaped. Regardless, just the idea of that being something that people are talking about after a playoff game is annoying enough to provoke me to never do it again, and I’ve since quit, classic McDaniel style, cold turkey, just like alcohol.”

“But you know, as far as a game, I’m sorry I wish I was better schooled on the subject,” McDaniel coyly added. “I just don’t totally know what you guys are talking about.”