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Colin Cowherd Compares Nikola Jokic's Greatness With Patrick Mahomes

Colin Cowherd: “It’s interesting how often our all-time great players drop in the first round of the draft, or don’t go number one... Steph Curry didn’t go number one, Jokic is a second-rounder, Patrick Mahomes went like 10th or 11th, didn’t have a winning record in college, Jokic wasn’t a dynamic player his first year in the league… Mahomes now runs the NFL and Jokic runs the NBA. They have a couple things in common. They’re a combination of a lot of different players. Mahomes has Brady’s penchant for perfectionism, Favre’s arm, Steve Young and Roger Staubach’s creativity, and Aaron Rodgers’ brainpower to not make many big mistakes in big games. Jokic has some of Larry Bird’s passing, Giannis’ ball-handling, Dirk Nowitzki’s shooting, and Tim Duncan’s methodical and humble approach. Now they both run their league. Mahomes has a great coach and a great co-star in Travis Kelce. You’ve got a great coach in Michael Malone, and Jamal Murray. Both will also play for a very long time. Mahomes gets rid of the ball quickly and rarely takes big hits, and Jokic is similarly very durable, and he’s not a hyper-athletic player. Hyper-athletic players like Westbrook tend to age poorly and quickly. Jokic’s durability and his ability to make ‘B’ players into ‘B+’ players, and ‘C’ players into ‘B-‘ players is really something to behold. He makes guys like a Trae Young, Ja Morant, or a John Wall— exciting, gifted, and hyper-athletic players— he makes them feel smaller and less relevant. They’re fun but it’s cotton candy, it’s not real winning basketball and you can’t trust it durability wise. If you start adding up people who didn’t have a lot of flash and who people got bored with— Kareem, Duncan, Giannis, Jokic, Bill Russell— have 24 titles. Those flashy point guards I just mentioned have none. Steph Curry is one of the few flashy points guards that you can build around. Jokic makes small-ball look like it’s over. I think he’s going to age slowly like Mahomes, and age well.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd compare Nikola Jokic’s supremacy over the NBA to Patrick Mahomes’ stranglehold atop the NFL quarterback ranks, with Colin saying Jokic will be the next Mahomes-type superstar to be in the running for an MVP and championship every year because of his intangibles and unique skill sets that will age like a fine wine.

Check out the segment above as Colin explains why he thinks Jokic has made ‘small ball’ NBA offenses predicated on high-volume usage flashy guards look obsolete.

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