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Jason Smith: Michigan Sign-Stealing Saga Will Keep Them Out of CFB Playoff

Jason Smith: “The net and the vice is beginning to close around the University of Michigan. When this story first broke about the Michigan sign-stealing saga, every day there was going to be new stories about teams that thought they were getting their sign stolen, or what this guy [Connor Stallings] was doing, where he was going, what tickets he’s gotten to games, and what games he’s gone to see in the past. If today should tell you anything, it should tell you – don't expect to see Michigan in the College Football Playoff. Connor Stallings is the guy at the crux of this. When this thing first broke I told you "if this was 2021, all of the sudden that explains Michigan’s jump from ‘we’re a 3-4 loss team a year’ to suddenly now ‘we’re a National Championship contender’" and that’s exactly when it was and suddenly stealing the signs worked. When I hear other coaches say it’s not that big of deal, remember; the NCAA hates Jim Harbaugh. When the cheeseburger story came out and Harbaugh was going to get punished, the NCAA actually put out a statement saying ‘it’s not just a hamburger.’ The NCAA never does that, they never put out anything. That tells you the bee in their bonnet they have for Harbaugh. Now that you have this ‘fabric of the game type stuff’, this is a cheating scandal. You watch Major League Baseball and they still can’t get out from under the Astros scandal because Rob Manfred refused to punish the Astros for it. What other recourse is the NCAA going to have than to ban Michigan from playing in the bowl game or for the rest of the season? This is about this year and them having their best season, because they know Harbaugh will just leave, he’ll go to the NFL, something will happen. This is not going to be a ‘we caught you, good luck the rest of this year because next year, boy, watch out!’ -- no, this is going to be THIS year. They’re going to tell Michigan ‘you’re ineligible to win the Big Ten.’ If they’re banned from playing in the Big Ten title the College Football Playoff is not going to go ‘screw you’, they wanna make sure the relationship is great and they don’t wanna put a team play in the playoff that has been caught cheating. You think the playoff is going to say ‘Yes, we want a team who got caught cheating'? It’s such a bad optic. What are the other three teams going to say? ‘You’re allowing them in the playoff??’ If Michigan gets banned and called ineligible from winning the Big Ten, which is probably going to happen, then they’re not going to be able to play in a bowl game either, and they’re not going to be able to play in the National Championship. They’re going to play Ohio State and no matter what their record is, that’s going to be the end of the year. That’s how serious this is. You can’t push a ‘fabric of the game’ type story. It doesn't matter what other coaches or schools think because the NCAA, with how they feel about Michigan, and how they see in other sports when they don’t deal with cheating the right way, they’re going to come down with a hammer on Michigan and that’s gonna be the outcome. This is Spygate for College Football. You can’t get away with this anymore, and College Football doesn’t want to deal with the optic of what would come afterwords, so they’re going to ban Michigan and they’re not going to play after Ohio State. That's where this is going.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Smith of Fox Sports Radio’s ‘Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon’ to explain why he thinks the Michigan Wolverines are going to be severely punished by the NCAA for their involvement in a developing sign-stealing scandal that is seemingly getting worse with each passing day.

Check out the segment above as Smith details why he thinks the NCAA will drop the hammer on Michigan football and outright ban them from participating in this year’s Big Ten Championship Game and College Football Playoff should Michigan be in position to play in both games, with their regular season finale vs. Ohio State ultimately being their final game of the season.

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