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Jason Whitlock: Deion's Locker Room Rap Culture Got His Players Robbed

Jason Whitlock: " I don’t care where Deion came from 40 years ago -- these pampered, elite athletes that have spent 40, 45 years, or even 20, 15 years being worshiped – they have no street sense at all, they’re pampered elites. When Deion is inviting the rap world into his locker room, into his sideline, into his game day experience, into his all-week experience, he’s inviting the gang criminal world into his environment. Offset is on the sideline, Key Glock in the locker room... All these rappers are gang connected, gang related. They may not be gangbangers but for street credibility they all run with gangs. They have 'friends.' Many of them do a lot of ‘business’ in California and in Los Angeles. That's home ground. Deion is bringing Brittany Renner into locker rooms like he's teaching these kids 'game.' Let me put Deion, the groupies, and everybody up on real game... You invite the rappers in, they’re connected to gang members, when they go back home: 'MAN, THE ROLEX SHEDEUR GOT, THE GOLD CHAINS THAT SHILO HAS, THE GOLD CHAINS THAT ALL THESE PLAYERS HAVE, THEY'RE MAKING ALL THIS N.I.L. MONEY, AND THEIR LOCKER ROOM LOOKS LIKE A JEWELRY STORE!'... So when the people you’ve invited into your environment go back home and start gossiping about you, you’ve put a bullseye on their back. They start gossiping: ‘THEY [Colorado] COMING TO LA? WE GONNA GET AT THEM. THAT WILL BE A NICE SCORE!.’ You got a bunch of idiots flying in from Colorado with their gold chains and cash -- 'THAT'S GONNA BE A NICE SCORE! I GOTTA FRIEND WHO WORKS SECURITY AT THE ROSE BOWL!' All of this flashy, in-your-face, ‘HEY, LOOK AT MY ROLEX!’ after the game.... You’re putting a bullseye on your kids, a target on your kids. These dudes have no street sense. When you hear about someone getting home invaded -- I'm just keeping it real -- that is, generally speaking, from a man who had an escort visit him in his home, and when they escort goes back and tells her pimp that 'this is what I saw', 'this is what he has', then the pimp and his compatriots, they start plotting on 'WE GOING TO RUN UP ON THIS MAN'S HOUSE AND GET WHAT HE'S GOT!' This is just what happened to Deion and UCLA. They put a bullseye, a target on themselves by who they keep inviting into their home. You got all these kids making hundreds of thousands of dollars, blowing it on jewelry, running around with cash, and trying to be baby rappers. This is what goes along with it. There’s a reason rappers get killed constantly. They run with a criminal element that doesn’t mind killing people, and doesn’t mind snatching chains off of people. There's no street sense here. Deion looks cool, looks the part, and ‘HE’S PART OF THE CULTURE!’... This is a simp. This is someone with no street sense, and at 56, still wearing gold chains running around like a little kid. And he’s preparing these young men for life after football? Give me a break. Be mad at me because I'm grown and can see it for what it is, and am willing to say it for what it is, but these are the facts. All of the other little groupie simps all over YouTube and every place else that will not tell you the truth... DEION and that environment, that culture that he’s created at Colorado put those kids in harm’s way. But now he wants the NCAA or the Rose Bowl to bail out HIS mistake?” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Fearless discuss the news of the Colorado football team reportedly having their visiting locker room ransacked at the Rose Bowl last week during their game against UCLA, with several Buffaloes players claiming they had expensive jewelry stolen from their lockers.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock calls out Deion Sanders after comments Coach Prime made saying that the NCAA or the Rose Bowl operators themselves should reimburse his players whose belongings were stolen, saying Sanders’ insistence to cultivate a culture and environment around gangster rappers, gold chains, and Rolex watches put a bullseye on the program's back when heading into an area with a rich history of gang violence.

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