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Jorge Soler, Atlanta Braves Sued For a 2021 World Series Incident

Miami Marlins outfielder Jorge Soler and his former team, the Atlanta Braves, are being sued by a woman who claims to have suffered "significant and excruciating injuries" during the team's 2021 World Series championship.

Mayra Morris, who attended Game 3 at Truist Park on October 29, 2021, claims Soler, the 2021 World Series MVP, tossed a ball into the seats "overhand, with great force" that struck her "directly in her right eye causing extensive and excruciating," according to a criminal complaint obtained by 11Alive. The injuries sustained included "multiple fractures, a right eye edema, and infra-orbital abrasion," which led to Norris having to "seek extensive medical treatments for the injuries" that will "require long term medical care," the lawsuit states.

Major League Baseball tickets warn spectators to assume risks of bats and balls striking them at all times, though Georgia State University law professor Kelly Cahill Timmons told NBC News that Norris may be able to have some "wiggle room" in relation to fans surrendering their rights. The Missouri Supreme Court had previously ruled in favor of the Kansas City Royals when their mascot, Sluggerrr, had shot a hot dog out of an air cannon that hit a man's eye and resulted in a detached retina in 2014.

"I don't think this is a case where there's no way she could win because it's so clear that (Soler's throw) is inherent in attending a baseball game," Timmons told NBC News.

Soler's lone season with the Braves coincided with the team's World Series run. The Cuban outfielder hit for a .320 average with three home runs, four RBIs and four runs scored to win World Series MVP.

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