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Jason Whitlock on Struggling Colorado: 'Deion Sanders is Not a Great Coach'

Jason Whitlock: “I know the Deion worshipers and groupies out there in the audience are crying right now ‘I CAN’T BELIEVE JASON IS CRITICIZING DEION SANDERS! HE’S 4-4, DON’T YOU KNOW THEY ONLY WON ONE GAME LAST YEAR! IT’S A MIRACLE THEY WON FOUR GAMES!’ I’ve told ya’ll time and time again... Deion is not coaching last year’s team. He ran those guys all off the team. There's ONE guy from last year’s team who is playing. Deion ran them all out. He brought in 86 new players, including 50 some-odd players through the transfer portal. All of the ‘OH GOD, IT’S A MIRACLE! LOOK AT WHO HE’S COACHING! A TEAM THAT ONLY WON ONE GAME!’ He’s not coaching that team. It’s a completely different roster, and this different roster should be 2-6. This different roster has really only outplayed one opponent. Every other game they’ve virtually been outplayed in. It’s the most penalized team in the country and I’m sure that’s ‘RACISM!’ I’m sure the refs are going out there: ‘WE GOTTA PENALIZE DEION’S TEAM! WE’RE RACIST!’ I’m saying that because Shilo Sanders executed a classic helmet-to-chin hit and got tossed from Saturday’s game and everyone was whining and crying. I saw Dez Bryant tweet out ‘THEY TOSSED SHILO OUT OF THE GAME BUT THEY DIDN’T TOSS THAT HENRY BLACKBURN FROM COLORADO STATE! HMM, INTERESTING! THAT’S RACISM!’ You get tossed out of the game for targeting, helmet-to-chin, leading with the crown of your helmet. Henry Blackburn didn’t do that, he did a late hit. This isn't an example of the refs ‘picking’ on Shilo. To sit here and act like ‘THE REFS ARE PICKING ON COLORADO! THEY WANTED TO THROW DEION’S SON OUT OF THE GAME!’ We just sound like idiots. Quit the worship of Deion, he’s unworthy. There is none of us walking this planet that are worthy of this type of worship. I get that he’s 4-4, but this is not a great coach. If anybody ever tells an accurate story about what’s going on at Colorado this year with the players and assistant coaches it would be an amazing story. There’s a half-dozen players that are like ‘I’m cool with Deion’, and then there’s the rest of that team that says ‘wow, this whole thing is about Deion, then it’s about Shedeur, then it’s about Travis Hunter, then it’s about Shilo and everybody else can go to hell.' But this is really about Deion. // I didn’t even play the clip when he threw the offensive coordinator under the bus. As if his offensive coordinator hasn’t been given specific instructions by ‘Daddy Dearest’: ‘you throw that football and showcase my son because that’s what this is about!’ We don’t want to run a balanced offense, we don’t want to do the things necessary to allow this offensive line to grow and develop. That’s why you run the football and you don’t abandon it. This is unbelievable coaching malpractice. This is embarrassing, and that fact no one will call it out... The people that have played the game and people that have an understanding of the game. I’m looking at Deion, they never establish the run, they never went to a play-action passing game because they never established the run. Shedeur just does the same thing over and over again because Deion is showcasing him for the NFL and trying to pad his stats. Take Deion off the pedestal, this is coaching malpractice that will end in disaster. Deion is going to be pointing fingers at Colorado, Colorado is going to be pointing fingers at him—those kids in that locker room are miserable, and know that their head coach is favoring a handful of guys, particularly his son. What coach takes his son and star defensive player to an NBA game during a week of prep? Who does that? It’s crazy. So they can be seen court-side and talked about, ‘LOOK HOW COOL WE ARE!’ You should have been taking two of those offensive linemen to the game, building them up, and begging them to care about your son, because right now in that locker room, those offensive linemen couldn’t care less what happens to Shedeur Sanders. They’re not going to go to war for him, they’re not going to go to war for Deion. They know Deion is out looking to replace them. Deion just blamed them for everything and took no responsibility for what he’s doing and the whole media is rigged up so everybody is afraid to say anything about Deion.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock explain why Deion Sanders’ short tenure as the head coach of Colorado has been ‘coaching malpractice’, and predicts an all-out mutiny from a Buffaloes locker room who will soon realize that Coach Prime doesn’t have their best interests at heart.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details Sanders’ shortcomings as a coach and discusses why Sanders simply looks like a Pee Wee football coach trying to ‘stat pad’ son, Shedeur into the Heisman race.

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