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Jason Whitlock Says 'Entitled' Brian Flores Owes the Dolphins an Apology

Jason Whitlock on former Dolphins player Kyle Van Noy saying during a recent podcast that there was a ‘Civil War’ going on between Ex-Dolphins head coach Brian Flores and current Dolphins Chris Grier when it came to Grier’s supporting Tua Tagovailoa and Flores believing the team should have drafted Mac Jones:

“If you remember, when Brian Flores got fired, he sued the Stephen Ross ownership group. Yeah, Stephen Ross was a ‘RACIST!’ for firing Brian Flores... I said at the time ‘here’s a feud between the head football coach who’s Black, and the general manager who’s Black, over the quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, who is Samoan. Three people of color were having an argument about Tua Tagovailoa, they fired Brian Flores, and Stephen Ross supported his Black general manager. Brian Flores played the race card ‘I GOT FIRED BECAUSE I’M BLACK!’, and all the social justice warriors in the media were like-- ‘OF COURSE THE DOLPHINS ARE RACIST! I CAN’T WAIT FOR BRIAN FLORES TO SUE THEM! OMG THE NFL HAS SUCH A PROBLEM!’... Kyle Van Noy, who was a linebacker, just said on a podcast that while he was there he was in the middle of this feud between Chris Grier and Brian Flores. // Someone reported that Brian Flores at one point told Tua that he felt the Dolphins should have drafted Mac Jones and not him. Kyle Van Noy has just blown up the entire ‘racism’ narrative around Brian Flores. People hate to talk about this but it’s just factual. Brian Flores got fired because of his sense of entitlement, period -- end of story. Anybody with any knowledge about the NFL and how it actually operates could see what was going on a mile away. When this all went down, I talked about on this on air and was like ‘this is about the quarterback and the Black GM and Black head coach having a disagreement about their Samoan quarterback.' This is what goes on in the NFL and on teams, and the ownership came in and was like ‘I believe in this quarterback and I believe in this general manager, and I can't have a head coach who thinks we should have drafted Mac Jones when we drafted Tua Tagovailoa.' This is just a business decision, but Brian Flores feels entitled, and there is a sense of entitlement that we encourage among Black people and encourage among Black coaches that gets them cooked and gets them fired. Brian Flores snitched on the owner about trying to get Tom Brady. If you’re an owner and you’re paying some guy millions of dollars he better not snitch on me if I’m trying to get him Tom Brady. That’s a disloyal, entitled, person that needed to be fired. He needs to withdraw his lawsuit and apologize, tell everybody he ‘grew’ and made a mistake, he misunderstood, and then I think potentially he could be a head coaching candidate again. But we gotta quit gassing these guys up and telling every coach ‘YOU’VE BEEN ROBBED! YOU’VE BEEN DONE WRONG!’ It hurt Eric Bieniemy, that’s why teams have been afraid to hire Eric Bieniemy, because if you hire him then what if you figure out you need to fire him? Then you’re going to have the whole media calling you a ‘racist.’ We were calling Stephen Ross a ‘racist’ all off of some BS narrative, all off speculation and Twitter. We have to stop this. It’s killing Black men and it’s making people leery. The entitlement that we encourage is killing us.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Fearless explain why he thinks fired ex-Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores needs to apologize to the Dolphins organization and the NFL for alleging that ‘racism’ had something to do with his ousting in January of 2022, after a recent interview with a former Dolphins player shed new details into the motives behind Flores getting canned after only three seasons.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why Flores, currently the defensive coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings, needs to end his frivolous discrimination lawsuit and stop this tired act of entitlement if he ever wants to be a head coach in the NFL again.

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