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Colin Cowherd Floats This Blockbuster Trade Involving Joel Embiid

Colin Cowherd: “If I were the Knicks I would strongly consider going out and getting Joel Embiid. Nobody ends up paying for a star and being more disappointed than New York. They had Aaron Judge and get a duplicate in Giancarlo Stanton and that didn’t work for the Yankees. Scherzer and Verlander blew up for the Mets. Le’Veon Bell to the Jets, that didn’t work. Kyrie for the Nets. Whenever New York swings big it just doesn’t work. Embiid would be the classic New York acquisition. A big probably past his prime, gets hurt a lot, big personality—he'd make the Knicks better, he’d make the Knicks more interesting, he would sell a lot of merch, and I still don’t think they’d be as good as Boston or Milwaukee, but I would get the move. If Julius Randle is your two, you’re not going to win the championship. Embiid feels like a really interesting acquisition. It feels like the Knicks are one big move away or two semi-big moves away from contending with Milwaukee and Boston in a 7-game series. The Knicks need to make a move.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why the Philadelphia 76ers should trade reigning Most Valuable Player Award winner Joel Embiid, with the Sixers championship window seemingly have already closed with lukewarm 25-1 odds to win the NBA Finals, and disinterested James Harden's future in peril.

Check out the segment above as Colin discusses why Embiid could be another classic example of a New York sports franchise trying to resurrect interest in their franchise by grabbing a big-name star.

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