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Emmanuel Acho Calls Dallas Cowboys the 'Most Complete Team in Football'

Emmanuel Acho: “The Cowboys are the most complete team in football. Hear me out, I use the word ‘complete’ intentionally. I do not think the Cowboys the ‘best’ team in football, that belongs to the Chiefs. I don’t think the Cowboys are the ‘hottest’ team in football, that’s the Jags who have won five straight. I don’t think the Cowboys are the most ‘explosive’ team in football, that’s the Dolphins. I don’t think the Cowboys are the most ‘consistent’ team in football, that’s the Eagles. But if you talk about ‘most complete’ it’s gotta be the Dallas Cowboys. Think about this. How many teams have scored 40+ points or more twice this season? It’s only the Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins, offensively they got it going. Think about it defensively. How many teams have held opponents to three points or fewer twice this season? It’s only the Cowboys are the Browns. So how many teams have both scored 40+ multiple times and held their opponent to three or less points multiple? Then it stands ‘solo dolo’, it’s just the Star. The COWBOYS are the most complete of all the teams involved and that will pay dividends down the line.” 

Watch former NFL player and studio host of FS1’s Speak Emmanuel Acho explain why he thinks the Dallas Cowboys are the league’s most ‘complete’ team. 

Dallas is coming off back-to-back wins against the Rams and Chargers and appear like they have finally righted the ship after the grim news of star cornerback Trevon Diggs' season-ending injury looked like it was going to derail the entire season. 

With a Week 9 trip to division-leading Philadelphia coming up on the schedule, Dallas will surely get a better idea of how open their Super Bowl window really is.

Check out the full segment above.

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